re-imagined album covers 

Re-design of Muse's 'Origin of Symmetry' album and Dodie's album 'Intertwined'


This project involved utilising Adobe InDesign to re-create an album of my choosing using images. Overall, I re-created two albums - Muse's 'Origin of Symmetry' and Dodie's album 'Intertwined'.


In terms of the Muse album, I intended to inject my personal listening experience into my design. As I felt the album has a space-like, almost futuristic feel to it, I opted for a space theme. I achieved this by utilising a futuristic font comprising of symmetrical lines in addition to a black galaxy background, accompanied with an image of the moon and an astronaut floating away to represent the idea of escapism and that when you listen to music, it takes you away to your own space. Despite the overall balanced composition of the design, I opted to feature one astronaut to counteract the idea of 'symmetry'. Finally, I selected a black and white colour scheme to further connote the idea of space in addition to it creating a striking contrast and encapsulated the entire design within a white border to frame the content. For consistency, the same theme and fonts are also utilised on the reverse of the album. 


In my alternative design for Dodie's album, I selected to capture the idea of happiness by utilising a white and yellow colour scheme alongside an image of intertwined daisies to reflect the title of the album. As the selected image depicts someone picking the flowers, I felt it reflected the idea of selecting topics to write songs about; whilst also symbolising purity and innocence. Furthermore, as many of the songs are acoustic, the script font represented the delicate style of the music in addition to the personal nature of the songs. As with my Muse album, a border frames the content, drawing the audience in and the theme and colour scheme is continued onto the reverse track-listing. 


MUSE - 'origin of symmetry' album cover front 

MUSE - 'origin of symmetry' album cover reverse

Dodie - 'intertwined' album cover front 

Dodie - 'intertwined' album cover reverse 

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