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When conducting my final year Visual Communication project, I knew instantly that I wanted to create theatre artwork posters. However, as the theatre shows I had selected to depict were all musicals, I thought that adding a lyric, or several lyrics, would be an interesting addition to my designs. Although I had never produced my own fonts before, I took the opportunity to expand my knowledge and attempted producing a font for my 'Frozen', 'Hairspray', 'Hamilton', 'Kinky Boots' and 'The Addams Family' artwork poster creations. As producing my own font was so much easier than I had anticipated, using my 'Kinky Boots' example, I thought I would share with you today how you can create your very own font creations!

Firstly, I headed over to the website 'Calligraphr', downloaded their template (you can select which characters you would like to create - letters, numbers etc.) and printed it out. Then I simply filled out the template with how I would like the font to look using a black fine liner.

Once I was satisfied each of the characters, I took a photo of the template (the whole A4 sheet so that all of the markers were included), then uploaded it back onto the website. Then upon following the on-screen prompts, 'Calligraphr' transformed my hand-written font, into a downloadable, usable font file - as simple as that! Below I have included my 'Kinky Boots' artwork poster to demonstrate the font I had created in action!

I hope you found this useful and thank you for reading!


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