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Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about one of my design experiences which was discovering, experimenting with and developing my flat art style.

During one of my Visual Communication seminars at University, we were told to open Adobe Illustrator and draw using the pen tool. I couldn't do it. I clicked in the direction I wanted to draw and instead it drew a line in the opposite direction. Several attempts later and I still could not even draw what resembled any sort of shape or object.

However, as I often utilised vector images in my work, with the knowledge that I would be able to create my own vectors if I were to understand the pen tool, I was determined to learn how to use it. Through online tutorials and experimentation, I finally understood the technique - which not only expanded my design knowledge, but opened up so many opportunities and design possibilities such as creating my own vectors and emojis.

I continued to develop my use of the pen tool throughout my second year of Visual Communication through creating emojis, re-imagined minimalistic film posters and creating patterns for the scent - 'Vie Folle'. When creating these productions, I discovered that not only did I love the minimalistic flat art style, but I also loved creating designs of that nature too. With the desire to continue developing my flat art style, in third year Visual Communication, I was tasked with conducting an entire design project that demonstrated my identity as a designer. Therefore, I opted to combine two of my favourite things - graphic design and theatre, to produce five theatre artwork posters for 'Frozen', 'Hairspray', 'Hamilton', 'Kinky Boots' and 'The Addams Family' all in the flat art style - which I have included below.

Having continued to develop my flat art style throughout the last three years, I would love to continue to work in this style in both professional work and any creations I produce in my free time.

Thank you for reading!


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