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Multi-infographic poster and statistical infographic designs to depict Professional Boxer Kyle Williams' boxing career


Upon being presented with the task of producing an infographic on a subject of my choosing, I opted to create two infographic designs - a multi-infographic poster and statistical infographic production in Adobe Illustrator that depicted my friend - Kyle Williams' professional boxing career.


In the multi-infographic poster design I have combined an 'informational infographic', 'timeline infographic' and 'statistical infographic' to present information and statistics regarding his career in an aesthetically pleasing composition. This involved utilising minimal text where possible and featuring vector images instead to create a visual piece that enables the audience to easily interpret the information; this was further enhanced through the overall composition being divided into sections also. Alternatively, I also produced a 'statistical' infographic that mainly comprised of vector images to present the information as an overview for the audience.


Both designs feature a black and gold colour scheme to reflect Kyle's team colours, and for contrast purposes, whilst I have utilised a strikethrough font for the header to represent the idea of sport and movement. For the additional textual elements, I ensured to select a sans-serif font for legibility.


'Kyle Williams' Boxing Career' multi-infographic poster design

'Kyle Williams' Boxing Career' statistical infographic design

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