Branding the company 'Bright Ideas Design' by producing a logo, business card, company stationery and website icons 


This project involved branding the graphic design company 'Bright Ideas Design', whose brand image is young and funky. Overall, a logo, business card and icon set were produced in Adobe InDesign. 

To achieve the desired brand image, I opted to create a neon, retro, eye-catching design with a hidden meaning. In terms of the logo, though simplistic, I created an outline of a neon pink square to resemble a box and overlaid the company name 'Bright Ideas' so that it extended outside of the box - to signify the idea of 'thinking outside of the box'. Additionally, to incorporate the idea of the company being "young and funky", I utilised retro style fonts and bold, neon pink and blue to create an eye-catching design. 

This logo was then added to the business card, to which I utilised storm clouds and lightning to represent the idea of the company creating a storm in the graphic design industry. Moreover, I added lightning vectors to depict the notion of it conducting electricity and lighting up the logo - which was fitting for the company name 'Bright Ideas Design', yet this was further enhanced by the bright neon pink and blue. For consistency, I utilised one of the fonts from the logo for the business's contact details and also utilised the neon colours also - again, to further emphasise the 'funky' brand image. 


Finally, I produced six icons to be used online. As with the other elements I produced, I ensured a consistent house style by utilising neon pink and blue for the main icons, then added a black background for increased contrast. I also placed each icon into a square, in order to be in-keeping with the square that is featured in the company logo. 


'bright ideas design' business card

'bright ideas design' company stationery

'bright ideas design' icon design


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